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Fantasy And Feeling

Fantasie und Gefühl - Fotografie Karsten Rose

Imagination and feeling is what makes photography so special to me. The technical knowledge can be learned relatively quickly through books and trainings. In order to make beautiful pictures which can be subsequently sold, less imagination, but more pure analysis thought is required.

My own statistics, from now more than 25 years of pictureagency work, shows me very exactly what sells later and what does not. Although this is also photography, but is this work for a personal also satisfying?

It is like a worker of the cars on the assembly line manufactures and at the weekend with a lot of attention to detail a classic car restored. In both cases it is about cars, but the kind of satisfaction is different. In professional photography you have to stick to different customer requirements - certain resolutions, tonal values and other. In their own photography or better creativity, this plays no or only a subordinate role. It was also the discussion about how a picture was made. Many are proud not to take image manipulation "We do not want to lie," they say to me. Please!?

Photography itself is a lie. And what has been done in the darkroom before? There is no difference between the analogue and the digital photography and image processing - both have lied from the beginning. The question is, what would I say with a picture? If I want to show the "truth," that is, an image of reality, as in journalism, or do I want to show "my" image. Just as I have seen and felt, not like the camera has taken it.

Different places, people or things inspire me to different image looks. Some of the images are processed in composings, others have been recorded, and only color and contrast have been changed. In the end, it is "my" image. A painter would never be prescribed with which colors, canvases or brushes he has to paint. Make your picture, no matter how. Photographed, alienated, painted on an expression, it cuts out with scissors, makes everything so that it becomes your image and not the image of another.

Have fun with it.


Pictures are pictures are pictures!

Pictures are not only images.

Pictures are experience, thoughts, vision, feelings, politics, culture, stories and more.

Sometimes I see a picture suddenly emerging. Sometimes I have a vision and I have to wait for the image. And sometimes I see a picture that does not exist but is evoked by colour, form or emotion. And has to be developed and created

The photos following are expressions of these thoughts. Some formed within seconds and others needed a long time.

'Real' and 'unreal' can be indistinguishable. But this is irrelevant.

Pictures are…